Coordinator and Partners

Istanbul Universitesi (TUR): Founded in 1453, Istanbul University is among the first and longest-standing institution in turkey. Located in various Campuses and Research Centres, it includes: 15 Faculties, 1 Conservatory, 2 Vocational Schools, 2 Colleges and 12 Graduate Institutes. According to the Academic Ranking of Worldwide Universities in 2011, Istanbul University ranked among the first 400 universities making it the sole Turkish University in the first 500. The procedures about the EU and other international projects are carried out by the EU and International Projects Office of the University, which, over years, has managed and continues to manage several projects within Horizon2020, ERA-NET, Erasmus+, Horizon Europe and other programmes.

Sdruzhenie Bulgarska Targovsko-Promishlena Palata (BUL): Established in 1895, is the largest and oldest Bulgarian employers’ organisation. It is an independent, non-governmental organisation for assistance, promotion, representation and protection of the business interests of its members, which contributes to the development of international economic cooperation. The BBCI encourages the innovation performance and the digitalization of the Bulgarian companies and start-ups by managing a large number of projects and by organizing conferences, trainings, workshops and matchmaking events. BCCI has experience as a leader of the communication activities in significant number of EU-funded projects.

Hak Isci Sendikalari Konfederasyonu (TUR): HAK-IS Trade Union Confederation was founded in 1976 in Ankara. It is an affiliate of ETUC (The European Trade Union Confederation) and ITUC (the International Trade Union Confederation). HAK-IS gives special importance to a new approach in the Turkish trade union movement that will, by getting involved in a restructuring process, take active roles in order to create alternative solutions, to form new models and lead new patterns and set up effective mechanisms for solutions alongside the ongoing political, economic, cultural and social changes and transformation processes at local and international scale. It has participated in several projects, both at domestic and international level.

Ankara Kalkinma Ajansi (TUR): The Ankara Development Agency (ADA) is a government (public) organisation among 26 regional development agencies under supervision of Ministry of Industry and Technology. Its mission is to be a centre providing support for development and implementation of projects and to find new strategies by adapting innovative and sustainable development models. ADA has granted financial supports to more than 5000 enterprises since 2010. In addition to conventional ways of implementing financial support programs, ADA establishes networking platforms and organizes sector-based cooperation activities to create locally unique solutions against the problems of entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystems.

Confederacion Sindical Independiente – FETICO (ESP): A multisectoral organisation that represents workers from all economic sectors and provides support to improve their working and social conditions throughout training, professional support and job guidance service. FETICO is part of the European network “Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition”, whose objective is to promote the development of digital competencies in the field of education and employment, and member of the “European Alliance for Apprenticeship” which unites governments and key stakeholders in order to strengthen the quality, supply and overall image of apprenticeships across Europe.

Vitale Tecnologie Comunicazione – VITECO SRL (ITA): An Italian SME located in Sicily. It is a provider of technologies for long-distance training and leader in e-learning sector with a solid expertise on open-source platforms. It also develops web-based solutions for collaborative learning and educational content, including serious games. VITECO is part of JO Group, a cluster of 5 Italian SMEs and 2 no profit organisations specialized in consulting, Research and Development and digital communication. It has been participating in many European projects in H2020, Interreg Italia-Malta, Intelligent Energy Europe, Erasmus+, COSME, COST, etc. and many other R&D projects of regional/national programmes.